How Retailers Can Strengthen Your Brand as a Supplier

1. Let the Retailers that use the Product Speak Their Minds

Identify which retailers are relevant to you and your brand. Who has the biggest influence on your target group? Which retailer are the first to jump on new trends? That’s the kind of person you want recommending your products. Let them talk about why they love your product. Is there something they don’t like about the product? Would they like to change something about it? The jackpot is finding an retailer that already uses and talks about your product openly.

2. Invite retailers to test the Product Before it’s Launched To the Public

Let an exclusive group of retailers test a beta version of your product before the public gets a chance to buy it. This method serves two major purposes. Firstly, you create a personal bond with the retailers. Secondly, you can find possible problems and issues with the product that you can try to fix before it’s actually launched. Also, by letting retailers use your product before everyone else, you create a hype around it.

3. Ask retailers for feedback and Be Aware that They Can Make a Difference

When you include a retailer in the product development for your brand you need to take the feedback they give you very seriously, it’s crucial to keep an open dialogue with the retailers. This proves that you are a professional that cares about your brand, but it also makes the retailer feel special which can help create a loyal customer that sticks around.

4. Share your future plans for the product

You should try to be as transparent as possible about your business and your products when working with retailers. Share your future plans and ideas if you can, and let retailers know what your goals are. Remember that retailers are experts in their field and that they can help you develop plans and goals that take into account how the market is developing. Getting an retailer’s input on future plans and products is worth gold and is something you should incorporate into your company’s product development segment. Many times retailers can offer insight into what projects should be prioritized and which ones you can hold off on.

5. Always look for new retailers

You want to always know what people are saying about your products on social media. Staying up to date is very important, and if and when you find retailers you like you should plan for more collaborations. As mentioned, by having a good relationship with retailers you can benefit from their expertise and the more the merrier. Both good and bad feedback is useful!

If you want to succeed in this industry you need to have an open dialogue with both retailers and consumers, and if you use those relationships right, they can help you develop the best products possible. Good Luck!

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