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How to share news & events on Supplers

Sharing events is a powerful strategy to build connections, showcase expertise, and drive business growth. Let’s explore how you can effectively share events on Supplers, the global community for furniture and interior design industry, to maximize visibility and engagement.

Understanding news & events sharing on Supplers

1. Navigate to your dashboard

Log in to your Supplers account and access your dashboard. Look for the “Our Events and news” section on the left-hand side of the webpage.

2. Create new events or news

Click on the option ‘Add post’ to create a new post. Fill in the essential details, including the title, summary, and description. The best part is that you can draft them and choose when to publish them. You can also hide a post, archive it or remove it.

You can upload high quality images to attract readers and potential customers.

Engaging with the audience

1. Respond to queries and interact

Keep an eye on your event listing for any questions or inquiries from potential attendees. Promptly respond to queries to provide clarity and encourage participation.

2. Encourage attendee engagement

Use the event listing to engage with attendees. Encourage discussions, share additional event details, or create pre-event buzz to create excitement.

Sharing events and news on Supplers can maximize your exposure. Join the vibrant community at Supplers and start sharing news and events.

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