Are you an interior design industry professional or a creative mind eager to showcase your projects to a global audience? Supplers provides an incredible platform to exhibit your work and connect with the like-minded people from the industry. Let’s explore how you can upload your work to Supplers.

1. Sign up and profile creation:

First things first, sign up on Supplers and create a profile. A well-made profile will attract the right kind of attention from your potential business partners.

2. Navigate to ‘our project’:

Once your profile is set, navigate to the ‘Our project’ section. Click on the button ‘Add project’, and you’re all set to showcase your creative endeavors.

3. Project details:

Fill in the details of your project. From the project title to description, include comprehensive information about your work. Be descriptive and engaging, offering insights into your inspiration, materials used, and the story behind the project. Upload the cover image in the specified format. The maximum file limit is 10 MB.

4. Specify categories:

Categorize your project appropriately to ensure it reaches the right audience. Whether it’s furniture design, interior decor, or architecture, select the relevant category.

You can change the visibility and status of the projects according to your liking. Supplers offers the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your projects to a larger audience. Try it today!

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